Suzie was a fantastically organised CSM/DSM that I was lucky enough to work with over 12 weeks for Jericho House’s production of The Tempest. Given all the work I needed to do on the production, it was so helpful for me to be able to completely trust and rely on Suzie both in the rehearsal room and during the performance run.

Suzie also managed our company of actors extremely effectively and professionally, particularly while we were on tour in the Middle East.


Leonora Wood - Producer at Independent Productions

I found Suzie to be exceptionally easy to get on with, extremely efficient, totally dedicated, completely professional, and very often working beyond the call of duty.
Her meticulous forward planning, managerial skills, easy going nature and ability to deal with whatever unexpected problems a venue could throw at us, meant that as a performer, I was always supported and therefore always able to do the best job I could.
I noticed many times, tech teams would be more than happy to do more than contractually obliged because she was not only working flat out herself but also brilliant at getting people on her side.
I would not hesitate to work with Suzie again and would highly recommend her to anyone.


Gary Turner - Performer, Toro! Toro!

Suzie Foster was Fab! I keep trying to re-employ her and other people get there first. I may just have to marry her. 


Chris Wallis - Artistic Director, Watershed Theatre

Suzie is one of the finest Stage Managers I have ever worked with. If you are fortunate enough to work with her you will find a consummate professional, a passionate theater maker, and a friend for life. 


Paul Bargetto - Artistic Director, East River Commedia

I had the pleasure of working with Suzie Foster during the summer of 2008 when a show I was in, Charlie Victor Romeo, was brought to the UK for a tour culminating with a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

There was a cast and crew of 8 Americans; an almost life-size airplane cockpit for a set with a monstrous sound system, both of which had to be transported, assembled, disassembled and re-assembled at every venue; and a show where actual airline disasters were presented realistically on stage every night.

Suzie was thrown into this experience and hit the ground running. There was never a moment when Suzie was not on top of absolutely everything. Usually, she was several steps ahead of everyone, anticipating the 99 things that could go wrong at any moment.

A consummate professional, she proved that a great stage manager doesn't need to shout to be heard. If I have the opportunity to have another show come to the UK, there is only one person I would trust to make sure it is run smoothly, efficiently and professionally and that person is Suzie Foster. 


Debbie Troche - Performer, CVR

I have worked with Suzie on a number of productions and always found her to be extremely efficient, well organised and most importantly of all fun and easy to work with. She is great at dealing with the stresses of working on complex shows and deals well with both performers and technical staff. I would never have any reservations in recommending her for work on any show. 


James Mackenzie - Production Manager & Director of Zoo Venues, Edinburgh

Suzie is a natural Stage Manager with excellent people skills. Very highly organised and punctual, with a strong awareness of all involved in a production. I am always happy for Suzie to do my relights as she takes great care to learn the focus and look of the show.  Suzie is always a pleasure to work with.


Elanor Higgins - Lighting Designer

In the stormy Edinburgh Festival seas, Suzie ensured the smooth sailing of the Becoming Marilyn ship.  I would leap at the chance to work with her again.


Issy Van Randwick - Performer, Becoming Marilyn

With Suzie Foster as Stage Manager I knew my play was in safe hands.


Bernie C Byrnes - Playwright & Director

Suzie really is one of the best. She's not only a brilliant stage manager, but a committed, thoughtful and generous member of the company too. I've had the fortune of working with her on two productions where she was a calm, hard working and energetic presence in both. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to any other theatre company. They'd be lucky to hire her.


Bob Cryer - Performer, Into Thy Hands The Tempest

Suzie would always be my first port of call when looking for a Stage Manager.  She has youthful energy and enthusiasm but so much experience, much of it in very demanding environments and in situations where she has had to be self-reliant and resourceful. 

She is extraordinarily competent over a wide range of technical areas and does a great re-light.  She has saved meltdown moments by rescuing a flooded sound system, remaking props, or simply working twice as hard when necessary, and is a great person to have at your side on tour.  She can be tough when needed and yet knows how to have fun and blend in with a company. 


Rosalind Cressy - Producer, Fresh Glory Productions